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Dovecot Studios

Nutscene: Potters Pal

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This product is now presented in cardboard tube- An ideal gift the Paper Pot Maker - The Potter's Pal 

Our Potter's Pal will provide you with biodegradable eco seedling pots from your old newspapers. Our Potter's pal is ideal for your plants, allowing minimal disturbance to roots. Kind to the environment and your pocket too - no more need to buy plastic sowing and seedling pots.

How to Use: Cut newspaper into strips 8cm x 57cm (for longer pots cut up to 13cm tall). Wrap the strip loosely around the Pal & roughly fold over the surplus paper.

Press the Pal firmly onto the base squish & turn. Remove pot and fill with compost. Now sow your seeds or plant your seedlings. Your paper pot will biodegrade when transplanted into your garden or larger pot.

Height 15.5cm

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