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Raphael and Alan Davie - Combined Exhibition Ticket

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This ticket grants access to both RAPHAEL Magister Raffaello and Alan Davie: Beginning of a Far of World.

RAPHAEL Magister Raffaello

Explore the life and work of Italian Renaissance artist Raphael in this digital installation and contemporary tapestry marking his 500th anniversary.

Raphael (1483–1520) was a painter, draughtsman, and architect, whose designs for tapestry are considered some of the most important surviving masterworks of the Renaissance. During his brief career, spanning just two decades, Raphael shaped the course of European art, sealing his reputation as a Renaissance Master.

Through large-scale projections and displays, this exhibition allows you to experience recreations of Raphael's masterpieces including Madonna of the Goldfinch (1505–6, Uffizi), The Deposition of Christ (1507) and The Transfiguration (1516–20, Vatican). You will be guided to a key moment in Raphael's career, the creation of the Papal Apartments at the Vatican, also known as the Raphael Rooms.

While Raphael is revered for his skill as a painter, he was also a talented tapestry designer. Inspired by Raphael’s genre-defining tapestry designs, the Dovecot weavers have created a contemporary tapestry interpreting a section of Raphael’s famous Sistine Chapel Cartoon The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (1515-16) (The Royal Collection/V&A).

RAPHAEL: Magister Raffaello will premiere in the UK as part of Edinburgh Art Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and Magister Art.

Image: Raphael Sanzio, 1506, The Uffizi Galleries, Florence, Italy. © Gabinetto Fotografico delle Gallerie degli Uffizi

Alan Davie: Beginning of a Far-off World

Alan Davie: Beginning of a far-off World celebrates the centenary of Scottish artist Alan Davie (1920-2014). A timely tribute to one of the greatest Scottish artists of the 20th century, this exhibition features rarely seen works from each decade of his career, as well as a tapestry and rug created in collaboration with Dovecot Studios.

Alan Davie was a true polymath. A painter, jeweller, and jazz musician, he built a multidisciplinary practice and sought the magic in all his pursuits, in particular painting. Drawing from private collections, Alan Davie: Beginning of a far-off World explores Davie’s evolution as an artist from early paintings as a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art to drawings from a series made during the last year of his life.

A tapestry Cosmic Spiral and rug Celtic Spirit II created by Davie and Dovecot Studios marks a significant creative relationship and demonstrate the artist’s interest in the tradition and art of weaving.

This exhibition is curated by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Siobhan McLaughlin, with the support of Dovecot Studios.

Image: Alan Davie, Mama Idol 1976. Image courtesy of Gallery 108, Harrogate