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Skill in the Scottish Knitwear Sector: A Roundtable discussion

January 19, 2023
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Delve into the history and debate the future of the Scotland’s skilled textile workforce with Lynn Abrams and Sally Tuckett of the University of Glasgow's Fleece to Fashion project. 

In Scotland, the textile industry is second only to whisky in its export and recognition value. But the survival and growth of the industry is dependent on a skilled labour force. 

Scotland traditionally possessed a deep reservoir of skilled workers across the gamut of wool and knitwear trades, from spinning and dying to frame and hand knitting and finishing, but in the 21st century those workers are harder to find and the skills that used to be so widespread across the sector, are drying up.

The roundtable will bring together representatives of small and larger businesses, education and training, advocates for the knitwear sector and academics with knowledge of the history of knitwear production. The discussion will address the scale and scope of the problem, the key issues confronting the industry, the identification of current actions and possible steps forward. 

In this roundtable discussion with Lynn Abrams and Sally Tuckett of the University of Glasgow's Fleece to Fashion, project will explore the role and future of the skilled workforce in the Scottish knitwear sector. Discussing how sole entrepreneurs to large manufacturers, make a vital contribution to the Scottish economy.

5pm – visit exhibition

6pm – 8pm Round table discussion in the Ladies Baths